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   The Cruise Ship Jobs Online© /a division of New World© Inc./ is a leading Web-based cruise ship employment services company that develops and provides cruise lines, concessionaires and recruitment agencies with innovative hiring products and services. Managed by dedicated professionals with previous cruise ship work experience, The Cruise Ship Jobs Online© website provides a highly resourceful and dynamic exchange between cruise ship job seekers and cruise industry employers.

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For cruise ship job seekers Cruise Ship Jobs Online© employment services is a one-stop career resource center that offers advanced privacy features and tremendous worldwide exposure. By registering with Cruise Ship Jobs Online©, your job application will be forwarded directly to the personnel managers and human resources departments of cruise lines, concessionaires and their official hiring agents worldwide. Your application data also becomes your personal career profile which is listed in the extensive data base of Cruise Ship Jobs Online© employment services. This data base is marketed to cruise industry employers and their official hiring agents. Your profile will be available at any time to cruise lines looking for new personnel. You can also log in to the Cruise Ship Jobs Online© website and update your profile online.

The personnel departments of Cruise lines are always looking for new employees in the ever expanding cruise ship industry - whether they be hotel personnel, food & beverage personnel , entertainers, administrative staff, or trainees for entry-level positions. Regardless of your profession, your expertise may be required.

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER FOR CRUISE SHIP JOBS NOWWhen working aboard a cruise ship you enjoy a wining combination - having a profitable and exciting job, traveling all over the world and always following the sun and the good weather,
meeting crew members, passengers and local people and in the same time saving substantial amount of money (since you do not have to pay for accommodation and food).
Cruise ship crew memberCruise ship jobs are in fact so addictive, that many crew members find it quite difficult to live on land after completing a contract aboard a cruise liner. It feels kind of strange to eat in a restaurant and to pay the bill when you've been doing it for free for months while working aboard a cruise ship. Cruise ship jobs are the best form of overseas jobs, since aboard a cruise ship you will be working in many countries and places instead of one. Other travel jobs can not offer you visits to such a variety of places, counties, climates and continents.

Cruise ships resembling  giant floating hotels employ thousands of crew members performing duties identical or very similar to land-based jobs at four-five star hotels or resorts.  There has never been a better time to apply for a job on a cruise ship. It is quite likely that the experience you have gained from a job that you have worked in the past or are working at the moment will qualify you for various cruise ship jobs. Compared to other industries, cruise lines have a much higher employees turnover rate. Most people do not consider cruise ship jobs as lifelong careers, some crew members get promoted, change ships or companies, go on vacation, return to school, or just settle down back on land. For this and many other reasons cruise lines are ALWAYS HIRING new personnel from almost every country in the world.

Whatever your reasons to look for cruise line employment might be, enjoy this website and browse through the various sections, we believe that you will find the site resourceful and useful. We would appreciate your feedback, let us know what you think about any aspect of the website - design, navigation, content and our newsletter (in case you subscribe). We would particularly like to receive comments from current crew members about employment conditions and environment, changes of policies and new developments considering any cruise line, which we can share with our visitors.