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Cruise Ship Housekeeping Jobs



Responsibility for the cabins or staterooms on a cruise ship fall under the housekeeping department. This division is responsible for making passengers comfortable while they are in their rooms, and includes the care of the cabins, room and messenger service, laundry pick up and delivery. Positions in the hosekeeping department include the cabin stewards / stewardesses who clean and do daily maintenance of the cabins and general housekeeping. There is also a separate division that does the general cleaning and maintenance of the common areas around the ship.

The laundry on a ship must run almost continually. Bed linens, towels, tablecloths, and some crew uniforms must be laundered daily.

Most cruise lines employ concessionaire companies or employment agencies to staff these positions and applicants are recruited from all over the world. English registered ships commonly fill their housekeeping positions with European personnel, while many others recruit their staff from agencies in third world countries. Housekeeping falls under the hotel department and is categorized as crew. Also known as accommodation staff.

Cruise lines hire people from all over the world and you could work on cruise ships regardless of your nationality or citizenship.

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A modern cruise ship is like a floating city, there are all kinds of job positions available. Some require highly developed professional skills, others don't. In order to be hired by a cruise ship company successfully you should review very carefully the list of positions and the specific requirements for them. Then you should decide which position (or positions) are most suitable for you.