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Cruise Ship Lecturers / Speakers Jobs

Guest Lecturer / Special Interest Lecturer (Speaker) - this category varies extensively covering an assortment of subjects and activities. Cruise lines look for professionals specializing in anything from computers, science, communication, culture, health, beauty and bridge, to arts and crafts instructors, parapsychologists, medical doctors and even celebrities.
Port / Shopping Lecturer (Speaker) - the only full-time lecturing positions offered on board ship are those of the port lecturers who are responsible for on board port, shopping and tour talks. They are hired by independent media companies who represent local retailers in exchange for an advertising fee. The demand for lecturers is higher during the winter months due to the high volume of ships cruising the Caribbean.
Destination Speaker / Lecturer - A Destination Speaker?s responsibility is to give a series of original presentations illustrating the culture, history, geography, anthropology, wildlife, marinelife and politics of the regions, countries and ports of call on a given cruise itinerary. For instance, a Speaker on a cruise to Mexico may discuss the Mexican-American War, foreign policy between the United States and Mexico, or the culture of the country. The talks should not be a reiteration of what to see-and-do in Puerto Vallarta. Rather, they should provide the guests with insight into the ports that one would not be able to find in an average guidebook. The Destination Speaker must have strong credentials and be an excellent and experienced public speaker as typical audience size ranges from 50-300 passengers for each talk. However, good news travels fast aboard ships and great Speakers / Lecturers have been known to pack the house!